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Piemonte’s Italian Delicatessen 616 E Olive Ave, Fresno, CA 93728 – deli alle reviews, openingstijden, foto’s, prijslijst 601 reviews positieve klantbeoordelingen. We zijn bristolhousebnb.com helpen u meer nuttige informatie te krijgen. Als u ons nodig heeft om vragen te beantwoorden, laat het ons dan weten. -hier-! De auteur is een lokale goed geïnformeerd over Italian Restaurant Malaga dus zal u helpen met de meest nauwkeurige informatie. Piemonte’s Italian Delicatessen is geopend van 10AM until 6PM.Piemonte’s Italian Delicatessen latitude: 36.7575131 – Longitude: -119.8037142

Kantooruren Piemonte’s Italian Delicatessen:
Tuesday: 10AM–6PM
Wednesday: 10AM–6PM
Thursday: 10AM–6PM
Friday: 10AM–6PM
Saturday: 10AM–5PM
Sunday: Closed
Monday: Closed

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Options de service:

  • In-store pick-up
  • In-store shopping
  • Takeaway
  • Wheelchair-accessible car park
  • Wheelchair-accessible entrance
  • Wheelchair-accessible seating
  • Quick visit
  • NFC mobile payments


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Piemonte’s Italian Delicatessen reviews:

Mark Yost
a month ago
Pretty decent Italian deli in Fresno….of all places.
Ignore what’s outside the storefront window and you’d think you’re in a small neighborhood deli in Brooklyn or Da Bronx. …
9 months ago
Besides the Tower Parking which is hit and miss. Piemonte’s is my new favorite Italian sandwich and pasta place. I compared it to Sam’s Italian Deli sandwiches. An Sam’s Italian Deli sandwiches is not the same like I remember it. Piemonte’s got the size of bread right, price is right and the taste is heavenly.
II Clouds II
2 months ago
Absolutely adore this place and the atmosphere here is amazing. Staff is all kind and they’re very patient with their customers. They have imported goods that are so tasty. If you haven’t given them a try I recommend you do. Staff is full of smiles and it is one reason I know I will return.
Melinda Yocum
a month ago
Went in with intentions to use a coupon. Realized it was a coupon that they had forgotten to validate a few years ago. They were so kind with my misunderstanding. The food is amazing. The people are so pleasant. I had the Hot Pastrami …
Jephrey B. Neville
2 months ago
Been coming here since I was a kid… hands down the Michaelangelo and the Marco Polo and the Tiramasu and the pasta salad tri color…. oh and turkey bacon with equal parts turkey to bacon;) and hot pastrami… I realize just how hungry I am right now…. I am going to Piemonte’s
Krista Farris
2 months ago
This place is literally never bad!!! Best tuna sandwich I’ve ever had!!! And the staff?? *Chef’s kiss* Erin is the real MVP!!!
Raymond A.
3 years ago
Long time Italian deli in the heart of Tower District. Fantastic sandwiches and sides as well as an assortment of cold deli items (marinated olives, pasta salads, etc). Friendly service, some Italian specialty items and groceries. …
Immanuel Martinez
5 months ago
Sandwichs are bomb af, imported meats and domestic highly recommend my usual which is honey baked turkey with pepperoni and pepper jack cheese.
Margarita Edwards
2 months ago
Had a great experience with the service and the employees they have imported foods also. Sandwiches were great
Anthony Fernández
4 months ago
A tried and true neighborhood Italian deli with consistent quality and tasty goodness. Their sandwiches are the best.
James Hoak
3 months ago
One of the best sandwiches in town! If you like Italian food you HAVE to check out the deli!!
Joe Terri
7 months ago
Had the spicy sausage sandwich and it was delicious. My wife ordered the turkey and cheese sandwich and was happy with it, but said she would forgo the wax peppers next time. Ate at one of the tables out front and enjoyed it.
Michelle Denney
a week ago
I haven’t been in a while but they never disappoint
3 months ago
Best sandwich around.. love everyone that works there !!
Monica Chavez
11 months ago
Sandwiches are always delicious. Our family has been coming here fer many years. Definitely need to try if you haven’t already. They also have a variety of deli products. Recommend for sure.
Darinda Pickett
a year ago
Small, family run Italian deli. We had a hot pastrami sandwich and a hot meatball sandwich. Very good. The bread was very fresh. It is in the Tower District, they have plenty of parking in the back. Everyone was friendly and professional.
Jeremy Kahn
4 months ago
Always good food. Wonderful service. Good down home deli
5 months ago
Piemonte’s sandwiches are the reason to go. My wife and I call in our order and split a Piemonte’s Special regularly for lunch. Quality meats and the right kind of rolls. And while we are there we pick up a pound of Parmigiano-Reggiano and …
Annika Knutson
9 months ago
The sandwiches here are great! Highlights are their meatball sandwich and eggplant parm sandwich. Love their selection of home made frozen pastas and sauces, and their pizza dough makes a great pizza!
Echoe von Otto
a year ago
Ordered the beef ravioli and the cold pastrami sandwich via a delivery app.

The ravioli arrived perfectly hot, they were decently tasty and a good lunch …

Vivster’s Place
a year ago
This wonderful place deserves 6 STARS.
Very nice customer service. They can make awesome sandwiches at decent prices. There sandwiches are made in front of you with fresh ingredients. …
Daniel Gonzalez
11 months ago
Best sandwich out there hands down. Bread is a very important part and they have the best not over loaded thick like other places. Piemontes special is the best!
Andy Rusli
4 years ago
Love this place! Has been in business since 1930, if I remember correctly. They consistently put out good quality food. My fav is Michael Angelo & Hot Pastrami.
roger blattner
a year ago
I have been coming to the sandwich shop for about 13 years. And nothing has changed it’s always great food fair prices, great staff very helpful and will definitely return again. If you haven’t tried this place do not go the rest of your …
Isaac Vigil
5 months ago
Piemonte special and chipotle chicken was really good. Good price with very nice service.
Dino Ruiz
7 months ago
I went in completely spaced out because somebody wanted a picky order and the female employee was so nice, patient and helped me get my order right, did i mention their sandwiches have never let me down. My mother introduced this place to …
Ashley Matossian
a year ago
Delicious subs, best in town! Also the cheesecakes are perfection. Very sad they won’t be able to accept EBT anymore, it is not at their choosing though and unfortunately they had no say in the matter.
Aaron Palmer
a year ago
Was kind of worried when I saw a line out the door that we wouldn’t be back in time for our hour lunch, but was happy to see the line was simply that they have a couple of registers right when you walk in to accommodate safety for their …
Darrien Rickman
a year ago
I come here at least once a week and I am never disappointed. The sandwiches, salads, and pasta are all delicious. All the staff here are very nice and helpful too! Would definitely recommend coming by here and picking up a delicious sandwich!
Q Waar is Piemonte's Italian Delicatessen

Piemonte's Italian Delicatessen bevindt zich op 616 E Olive Ave, Fresno, CA 93728

Q Wat is het telefoonnummer van Piemonte's Italian Delicatessen

U kunt proberen dit nummer te bellen +1 559-237-2038

Q Waar zijn de coördinaten van Piemonte's Italian Delicatessen

Latitude: 36.7575131 - Longitude: -119.8037142

Q Openingstijden van de Piemonte's Italian Delicatessen

De openingstijd van Piemonte's Italian Delicatessen normale dagen zijn 10AM, op speciale dagen zal er een aankondiging zijn.

Q (Dịch bởi Google) Hôm nay bạn có mở cửa và ăn uống ngoài trời không? (Gốc) Are you open today and have outdoor dining?

(Dịch bởi Google) Đúng


Q (Dịch bởi Google) bạn có mở cửa vào chủ nhật không? bạn đóng cửa lúc mấy giờ vào các ngày thứ bảy? (Gốc) are you open on Sundays? at what time do you close on saturdays?

Q (Dịch bởi Google) Các thực hành an toàn Covid như thế nào ở đây? (Gốc) What are the Covid safety practices like here?

(Dịch bởi Google) Điện thoại theo yêu cầu của bạn, và nhận tại cửa. Khách quen không được phép vào trong.

Phone in your order, and pick up at the door. Patrons not allowed inside.

Q (Dịch bởi Google) Bạn có vận chuyển đến tận nhà không? (Gốc) Do you ship to home?

(Dịch bởi Google) Không, họ không. Bánh mì rất ngon.

No they don't. Very good sandwiches thou.

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