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Prime Pizza 141 S Central Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90012 – pizza-restaurant all reviews, opening hours, photos, price list 359 reviews positive customer reviews. We are bristolhousebnb.com help you get more useful information. If you need us to answer any questions, please let us know. -here-! The author is a local knowledgeable about Italian Restaurant Los Angeles so will help you with the most accurate information. Prime Pizza is open from 11 AM until 10 PM.Prime Pizza latitude: 34.0481761 – Longitude: -118.2394579

Business hours Prime Pizza:
Sunday: 11 AM–10 PM
Monday: 11 AM–10 PMHours might differ
Tuesday: 11 AM–10 PM
Wednesday: 11 AM–10 PM
Thursday: 11 AM–10 PM
Friday: 11 AM–12 AM
Saturday: 11 AM–12 AM

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  • Outdoor seating
  • No-contact delivery
  • Delivery
  • Takeaway
  • Dine-in
  • Lunch
  • Dinner
  • Solo dining
  • Wheelchair-accessible car park
  • Wheelchair-accessible entrance
  • Wheelchair-accessible seating
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  • Late-night food
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Hollie Fernando
9 months ago
Suchhhhh tasty pizza! The square pie is so crispy on the bottom and thick and doughy on the top. Fresh and fast out. Guys that run the joint are really friendly and kind – they brought us some pepperoni on the house to try after we’d ordered. We will be back! Love from your London friends Jack and Hollie x
David Lee
2 months ago
Really good wood-fire pizza! The crust was thin and the toppings were plentiful but the distribution left a little to be desired. I wish they provided some additional “grandma sauce” on the side for the crust but it doesn’t detract from the quality of the pizza itself. It also heated up nicely the next day, using a nonstick frying pan.
Aaron A
3 months ago
Pretty decent pizza. Their round pies are great, especially if you are just looking for a slice, but I would recommend the square pies. Great crust, great flavors.
Julie Sow
6 months ago
Favorite pizza place in Little Tokyo! Spicy Pep in square pie is our go-to. So good! Great food and good vibes all around. Highly-recommend!
Khaley Jenkins
6 months ago
Our pizza was delayed- majorly- it had been burnt or forgotten but either way the owner gave us free wings and garlic knots to make up for it. When the pizza was still delayed further he informed us he had comped the pizza completely, so …
Andy Rink
3 months ago
Giving them an extra star bc the service was so good (guy at register was very friendly). Pizza was very solid. The white pizza was awesome, the Sicilian was very good, and the pepp NY style slice had good crust, but not a ton of flavor esp for pepperoni. Would definitely go back though esp if I wanted a white slice.
Ron Khoury
3 years ago
Fantastic Pizza place.
Loved every slice I tried and the garlic bread was amazing.
Not too greasy. The slices don’t have a lot of flop and has a slight crunch. …
Arya Rais-Firouz
a year ago
Very good pizza and happy hour prices that can’t be beat. Had a slice of the Sicilian and it was amazing. Next time I am in the mood to order a pizza will definitely be from here!
David Leitch
3 weeks ago
Screwed up the order, but made it more than right instantly and without asking. That’s some good service right there. Plus, the pizza is fantastic.
Nicole Ridgely
2 years ago
I haven’t enjoyed a lot of LA pizza, but took a chance on Prime Pizza for my birthday and was super impressed. The Sicilian was delicious. Loved the pesto and the crust was crisp with great flavor.
Anish Thakkar (Doc Thakkar)
5 months ago
Prime Pizza is a solid spot to hit for a quick happy hour slice and brewski. I thoroughly enjoyed the crisp pepperonis on my slice, so much so that I had to order another! …
Kyle Larkin
7 months ago
After eating the burger and pizza we wanted to try something else so we went to the cafe and it was surprisingly good! This is the first time we have eaten at a fish restaurant and all the dishes were very good! The plates were large (large …
6 months ago
Every bite was perfect. I’ve eaten at Prince Street, which just opened up, and I ate here for the first time today.
I choose Prime Pizza, honestly. If you’re debating between the two- stop.
The Sicilian slice was INSANE.
Jen Sanchez
4 months ago
Pizza joint vibes are always a plus. Really tasty- got the square pizza. I would order ahead tho. It took around 30mins+ just to get a pie. A little bit of a long wait, but overall good.
Tiffany Woodbury
3 years ago
The grandma pizza and the new your pizza are amazing! The garlic knots with the marinara sauce are delicious! By far the best pizza ever…it’s like nothing else i have ever eaten! Order a whole pizza get the toppings you like and you won’t be disappointed!!!
Darryl Ford
2 years ago
Pizza here was pretty good. Slice selection seems a little limited around lunch time but there was plenty to chose from. Plenty of tables and seating (the throwback arcade game is a nice touch). Service was so so, buy I did go during the lunch rush so my man behind the counter was a bit busy.
Paulo Mercator (BRASILCAT)
3 months ago
Always great pizza NJ style. Must try, Prime is consistently one of the top 10 best pizzas in LA
Bella Huanosto
3 months ago
The pizza is so good. They have thin crust slices and thick Sicilian style pizza.
D geez
2 years ago
The pizza is amazing, some of the best i have ever had, thin with alot of flavor. Crisp and good size slices forsure. I definitely recommend this to anybody who loves pizza to give this place a try and you will not be dissapointed, trust.
Eric Watson
3 months ago
Excellent pizza 🍕…..try to go between 4-6 pm,it’s happy hour prices …
Felicitas Camacho
3 months ago
Pizza prime of choice in Little great! Our go-to beverage is spicy Pep in square pie.
Shellsy Rubio
2 months ago
I absolutely love their pizza and garlic knotts! Never fails to satisfy my pizza 🍕 craving …
Samantha Torres
a year ago
Got the most delicious pizza I think I’ve ever had in LA. Definitely will be going back. � …
Emery Silberman
10 months ago
On my quest to find the best pizza in the world, I reached out to a pizza czar who consulted Little Oven in Merced (my favorite pizza by far). He recommended Prime Pizza and I was not disappointed. On a chilly February evening my girlfriend …
Patrick J. Adie
2 months ago
So many great pizza options right nearby, but this one is the most delicious.
Kay and Marcos
2 years ago
Great New York style pizza but still not as good as pizza in new York. Tried their pepperoni and their sicilian, and would recommend both. …
4 years ago
Best pizza of my life, no joke. I got the Sicilian pizza with pepperoni added. I’m going to be craving this pizza until I come back! If you’re in Los Angeles, I highly recommend trying this place out at least once.
Q Where is Prime Pizza

Prime Pizza is located at 141 S Central Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90012

Q What is the phone number of Prime Pizza

You can try dialing this number +1 213-256-0011

Q Where are the coordinates of Prime Pizza

Latitude: 34.0481761 - Longitude: -118.2394579

Q Opening hours of the Prime Pizza

The opening time of Prime Pizza normal days is 11 AM, on special days there will be an announcement.

Q (Dịch bởi Google) Họ vẫn đang làm Giờ hạnh phúc chứ? (Gốc) Are they still doing Happy Hour?

(Dịch bởi Google) Đúng


Q (Dịch bởi Google) Bất kỳ lựa chọn cho bãi đậu xe? (Gốc) Any options for parking?

(Dịch bởi Google) Có một bãi đậu xe trả tiền bên kia đường, nơi có Starbucks và CVS (?). Nếu không, bạn có thể cố gắng ghi điểm đỗ xe trên đường phố. Tôi hầu như luôn gặp may mắn với việc đậu xe trên đường phố. Ngoại trừ vào một buổi tối thứ bảy.

There's a pay parking lot across the street where Starbucks and CVS(?) are. Otherwise, you can try to score parking on the street. I've mostly always had luck with parking on the street. Except for on a Saturday evening.

Q (Dịch bởi Google) Các thực hành an toàn Covid như thế nào ở đây? (Gốc) What are the Covid safety practices like here?

(Dịch bởi Google) Rất trên đầu trang. Thậm chí không cho phép khách hàng vào trong nhà vệ sinh

Very over the top. Won't even let customers inside to use the restroom

Q (Dịch bởi Google) bánh pizza thủ công có làm bánh pizza của riêng họ mà không có chất điều hòa không? (Gốc) do prime pizza make their own pizza dough without dough conditioner?

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