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Sam’s Italian Deli & Market 2415 N First St, Fresno, CA 93703 – italian-grocery-store alle reviews, openingstijden, foto’s, prijslijst 2,045 reviews positieve klantbeoordelingen. We zijn bristolhousebnb.com helpen u meer nuttige informatie te krijgen. Als u ons nodig heeft om vragen te beantwoorden, laat het ons dan weten. -hier-! De auteur is een lokale goed geïnformeerd over Italian Restaurant Malaga dus zal u helpen met de meest nauwkeurige informatie. Sam’s Italian Deli & Market is geopend van 10AM until 6PM.Sam’s Italian Deli & Market latitude: 36.7727055 – Longitude: -119.7729963

Kantooruren Sam’s Italian Deli & Market:
Tuesday: 10AM–6PM
Wednesday: 10AM–6PM
Thursday: 10AM–6PM
Friday: 10AM–6PM
Saturday: 10AM–5PM
Sunday: Closed
Monday: Closed

Website: Sociale Profielen: Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook

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Sam’s Italian Deli & Market reviews:

Stephanie Dahlin
10 months ago
This is a great place for italian foods, gifts, premade olives, salads, pizza dough, wine, olive oil, truffles, salami, Italian desserts, cannolis, you name it. The deli makes sandwiches and salads also. You take a number when you get in as it can get pretty busy. A wonderful little gem.
Joshua S
a year ago
Best pastrami sandwiches in town. Deli store was very clean. Staff was very friendly. Sam’s Italian Deli & Market offers a wide varety of italian products, drinks, wines, breads, cheeses, pastas, and meats. The pastrami cheese fries were also very delicious.
robert Rincon
10 months ago
Really fresh food one of the best places to get everything Italian deli oriented. I tried a hot and cold sandwich and both were amazing and fresh . Also bought some fresh cheeses and stuff to make pizza . The sandwiches are amazing one of the best spots in town forsure. I spend too much money on this place lol
Sajiwan Sidhu
a month ago
Been there for the first time today ,already in love with the food they serve.
Jerrold Kazynski
2 weeks ago
Local talk radio advertising for Sam’s Italian Deli & Market never fails to pique my interest and get my taste buds invigorated. The selection of products is comprehensive for preparing a wide range of entrees having Mediterranean flavors. …
Chimera Haus
a month ago
I love coming to this deli not only for their sandwiches and stuffed grape leaves, but for their NewYork Seltzers! They were at all the stores when I was a kid, however not at all anymore. The food is delicious and atmosphere upbeat and …
Isaac Vigil
a month ago
New Yorker pastrami sandwich was excellent. My kids loved the Sam special sub. Good variety of pasta and pastries. Great customer service. Will definitely come back.
4 months ago
Great place for an Italian sandwich and great selection of wines, friendly staff great service and clean place.
James Nguyen
a year ago
This place is heaven. All the sandwiches are delicious along with all the wines, meats, cheeses. I could walk in here blindfolded and know I’ll love what I get
maria rodriguez
2 months ago
It had been years since I had been here and now having a fianće who has a thing for meatball sandwiches, I thought I would bring him by. He loved it!! He deemed Sal’s Deli to have the best Meatball sandwich of the world.
Joshua Mayer
5 days ago
Just moved to Central Cali and needed a new sandwich spot to try and Sam’s is sooo much more than just a sandwich shop.
Friendly Crew, Fair Prices, Fast Service, and absolutely Finger Licking Good Food 🥰� …
Eddie Cervantes
a month ago
One of the best places in Fresno to get authentic Italian cheeses pastas wines do you won’t be disappointed I go there and I spend about 60 to $70 but it’s worth worth the money
Digna Escalante
4 days ago
They are the most deli fresh store/eatery I have ever experienced love love there quality of selection and made salads/sandwiches/deserts/ everything about Sam’s Deli is spectacular…..
Joe Artiaga
3 weeks ago
People are friendly quick to order and pick up at the store . Looks like a long line, but it goes quick take a number system. Food is excellent.
Derek Roback
11 months ago
Unbelievable experience. Accidentally stumbled upon this place and proceeded to have the best sandwich and meatball I’ve ever had. Awesome staff too!
C Martinez
3 years ago
My favorite deli in town the homemade dinners are the best and a good choice if your not in the mood to cook but want to have a real homemade meal. I like the penne chicken alfredo entree its under $8.00 and the portion size is plentiful, …
Tom Buckingham
5 months ago
A taste of Italy. Great wine selection and Italian grocery and meat items generous and tasty custom cold cut and hot meat sandwiches. I you are looking to put together an Italian meal this is a great place to start, with fresh and house …
Marla Benzler
5 months ago
Since as long as I can remember Sam’s Italian Deli has been the go to for Italian meats and foods. Best deli sandwiches in Fresno. Best wine selection with a wine expert in store to help you with your selection. The owners and their staff are helpful and super friendly. Sam would be proud.
Mars Meza
5 months ago
Amazing!! I felt Italian just being there. Sam’s special sandwich was the best sandwich I’ve ever eaten.Will b returning to check out the wine selection. You take a number and wait to order, worth the wait. Big selection of Italian goods. Sam’s is the best! I’m so glad, grazzi to Dale Yurong (ch.30) for telling us all about it!
Cali Patzer
6 months ago
The food is great…however, they tend to leave things out of pick up orders that you pay extra for. My side of anti pasta salad I got today wasn’t even half filled and I paid $6 for it! The container was about 1/3 full.
Joaquin Martinez
5 months ago
Came from Visalia to try this place. Didn’t disappoint. Never knew about Sam’s deli til I saw them on the local news. Got a chicken parmesan sandwich and a large Sam’s special, both were incredibly good. That chicken parm is a must. They …
Summer Mitchell
5 months ago
This is the best place to go when you want good food and comfort. Great customer service. All of the staff are friendly.And it’s very clean. Anything you get here is going to be delicious.
Michael Sergeant
2 months ago
A deli like no other! Your eyes cant resist all the delicious savory treats. Sweets as far as the eye can see. Spend all day constructing the ideal sandwiche
Felexa Leyba
4 months ago
Everything about it I love the cheese the bread everything fresh the wine the crackers the salad’s & sandwiches oh my God I could go on and on desserts everything 5 stars and the people they friendly but I go for the food hell yeah the food.
Candace Elizabeth
3 months ago
Hidden gem in Fresno! Great food, wine selection and bites pre made to go as well.
Super busy durning lunch hour & weekends, so plan a head.
Joslyn Ochoa
3 years ago
This is the best Italian Market and Deli in Fresno 🇮🇹
The best sandwiches ever 👍🏼 You won’t be disappointed, everything is delicious 😋 …
Ren King
3 months ago
This is the best place in Fresno for a fantastic deli sandwich, especially the Hot pastrami! They have an awesome wine selection too!
Dominic S
2 weeks ago
One of the best sandwiches in the city, so much to choose from.
7 months ago
This place has awesome pastrami sandwiches 👌🏼I tried the grilled chicken and that had great flavor too. Sandwiches are a pretty solid size, ours all seemed longer than advertised. Coke freestyle machine is a plu …
Laura Lee Newell
6 months ago
The BEST Italian Deli in California!! Their selection of deli meats, cheeses, olives and crackers make for the perfect charcuterie trays.
The wine selection is impeccable and D’Arcy the sommelier has been there for …
5 years ago
Oh my god the sandwich. The turkey breast is so tender. Just the right amount of saltiness. Perfect cold pastrami sandwich. Perfect cheese tortellini
Dolores Wiley
5 months ago
Delicious pastrami sandwich! Definitely coming back.
Q Waar is Sam's Italian Deli & Market

Sam's Italian Deli & Market bevindt zich op 2415 N First St, Fresno, CA 93703

Q Wat is het telefoonnummer van Sam's Italian Deli & Market

U kunt proberen dit nummer te bellen +1 559-229-9346

Q Waar zijn de coördinaten van Sam's Italian Deli & Market

Latitude: 36.7727055 - Longitude: -119.7729963

Q Openingstijden van de Sam's Italian Deli & Market

De openingstijd van Sam's Italian Deli & Market normale dagen zijn 10AM, op speciale dagen zal er een aankondiging zijn.

Q (Dịch bởi Google) Các thực hành an toàn Covid như thế nào ở đây? (Gốc) What are the Covid safety practices like here?

(Dịch bởi Google) Yêu cầu về Covid của Bang California: Cần phải đeo khẩu trang hoặc tấm che mặt Vui lòng thực hiện cách ly giao tiếp xã hội! Chúng tôi chỉ cho phép 25 khách hàng vào cửa hàng cùng một lúc. Không quá 2 người/nhóm. Vui lòng vệ sinh tay khi vào cửa hàng. Tất cả các quy trình khử trùng trong cửa hàng và nhà bếp đã được áp dụng trước covid và tiếp tục cả ngày/hàng ngày.
Cảm ơn sự kiên nhẫn và hỗ trợ của bạn.

State of California Covid Requirements: A mask or face shield is required Please practice social distancing! We’re only allowing 25 customers in the store at one time. No more than 2 people per group. Please sanitize your hands upon entering the store. All in store and kitchen sanitizing protocols have been in place prior to covid and continue all day/everyday.
Thank you for your patience & support.

Q (Dịch bởi Google) Sau khi bạn mua một chiếc bánh mì lạnh với ebt, bạn có thể ăn bánh mì ở đâu mà bạn có thể ngồi bên ngoài không. Vui lòng trả lời trước khi tôi đến vào khoảng 3 hoặc 4 giờ hôm nay (Gốc) After you buy a cold sandwich with ebt can you eat the sandwich where you can sit outside please answer before I go in around 3 or 4 today

(Dịch bởi Google) Bạn không thấy thấy tại sao không

Don't see see why not

Q (Dịch bởi Google) Thịt má heo tẩm gia vị có bán ở Sam's không? (Gốc) Is seasoned pork cheek available here at Sam’s?

(Dịch bởi Google) Có, chúng tôi có guanciale. Nó được dày dặn và hun khói. $ 14,99 lb.

Yes we do have guanciale. It is seasoned and smoked. $14.99 lb.

Q (Dịch bởi Google) Bạn có làm khay than không (Gốc) Do u make charcuterie trays

(Dịch bởi Google) Có, bạn nói với họ những gì bạn cần và họ có thể làm được.

Yes you tell them what you need and they can make it.

Q (Dịch bởi Google) bạn có mì ống gemelli loại dài không (Gốc) do yo have gemelli pasta in the long kind

(Dịch bởi Google) Chúng tôi mang Anna Gemelli # 88. Sợi mì dài từ 1-1 / 2 đến 2 ".

We carry Anna Gemelli #88. The pasta is 1-1/2 to 2" long.

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