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Jake’s 2112 Devine St, Columbia, SC 29205 – pub all reviews, opening hours, photos, price list 605 reviews positive customer reviews. We are bristolhousebnb.com help you get more useful information. If you need us to answer any questions, please let us know. -here-! The author is a local knowledgeable about Restaurants Columbia so will help you with the most accurate information. Jake’s is open from 4PM until 2AM.Jake’s latitude: 33.9987105 – Longitude: -81.0150058

Business hours Jake’s:
Wednesday: 4PM–2AM
Thursday: 4PM–2AM
Friday: 4PM–2AM
Saturday: 4PM–2AM
Sunday: 12PM–2AM
Monday: Closed
Tuesday: 4PM–2AM

Website: www.jakesofcolumbia.com Social Profiles: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram

Service Options:

  • Outdoor seating
  • Takeaway
  • Dine-in
  • Bar games
  • Fast service
  • Great bar food
  • Great beer selection
  • Great cocktails
  • Live music
  • Live performances
  • Sport
  • Wheelchair-accessible car park
  • Wheelchair-accessible entrance
  • Wheelchair-accessible seating
  • Wheelchair-accessible toilet
  • Alcohol
  • Beer
  • Cocktails
  • Food
  • Food at bar
  • Happy-hour drinks
  • Happy-hour food
  • Spirits
  • Wine
  • Seating
  • Dogs allowed
  • Casual
  • Groups
  • Tourists

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Jake’s Menu

Jake’s Menu
Jake’s Menu

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Jake’s reviews:

Jordan Lindsey
4 months ago
First a quick negative; the only negative really. I was visiting family in SC, and they suggested this place, particularly due to it being super dog friendly. We went and the “bouncer,” a young man in his mid-twenties perhaps, tells me that …
David Rice
a month ago
The GOAT of Five Points! I’ve genuinely never had a bad experience here. The bouncers are kind and do a waistband check which keeps everyone safe. The bartenders are fast and provide great service and I’ve never had a tab that didn’t add …
Jennifer Cipullo
a year ago
Great time tonight at “yappy hour” where the dogs run free in the back patio. All the dogs were very well behaved and had a great time. Food was okay, slightly overpriced in our opinion for the quality, but worth it to come for an app or …
Grace Velez
3 months ago
Omg! This place is awesome. Our number one reason for coming was because they allow you to bring your dog 🐕 and let them loose! Now that’s pretty awesome to us. Our lab had the time of his life! Lol.. Beer prices were good, staff was friendly and most importantly everyone was just happy to see our dog …
Nancy B
5 months ago
Only one item on the menu. Very dog friendly almost a little too dig friendly. Dogs racing back and forth knocking stuff over. My dog was freaked out. We had a couple of drinks and let. But it seems like a pretty good place to visit.
Heather McKenzie
2 months ago
My service dog Kyleigh has the best time at Yappy Hour! It allows her time to just be an off duty dog. The food is great and Jung is awesome! He wrangles the dogs and is always willing to assist. 20 stars!
7 months ago
Great place for craft beer and dogs. They’ve made some upgrades to the back including new deck floor, astro turf, and metal picnic tables that make the area clean and safe for humans and dogs. The beer is cold and the bar food delicious. It’s especially nice during the summer months when it’s not so crowded.
10 months ago
We LOVE Jake’s for Yappy Hour! We took our boy for his 4th birthday and it was a huge hit! We will always take Mork to Jake’s for a great doggy play time!
Nate Viens
4 years ago
We were a little nervous going to Jake’s because we knew all the dogs were going to be there. It took our dog a few minutes to get used to being able to walk around with all the food around, but he loved it. The manager it owner was walking …
Morgan Koziol
3 months ago
I always love taking my dogs to Jake’s for Yappy Hour. It’s nice to spend afternoons outside with a cold beer watching my dogs meet other dogs.
Turbo Tim
2 months ago
They still have an open atrium in the back; so you can bring your dog with you for happy hour.
Kevin Davie
a month ago
Inside has the best craft beer options but the dogs outside make this place worth it. Just watch out for the poop on the ground
M Hamby
a year ago
Been coming here for a while & it’s one of my top 3 bars when in 5 Points, the staff are friendly, drinks are priced fairly (Pint night on Wed. & service industry night on Sundays are where it’s at), & the food is good. If you’re going on …
April B
7 months ago
Great place! Great guys (Jeff) & another guy that run it, along w/other staff. Enjoyed this plc so much that I drove back the following weekend from my hometown 1+ hr. away! Will definitely return again when I’m in or driving through Columbia!
Michael Andersen
a year ago
A must visit during Yappy Hours in the big backyard area – even if you don’t have a dog to bring it’s very entertaining watching them play while you enjoy great drinks. They also have a good selection of beer and food and pool tables inside.
Lauren Hunt
a month ago
Best bar in Columbia! Outdoor patio is fantastic.
Dominik Schosser
a year ago
I like that place a lot, specially because if you re a dog owner you can bring them with you and let them run and play.
A lot of “events” live music …
David Schutter
7 months ago
Greatest Food that I’ve eaten is Year’s!
The smoking isn’t too bad, amstopshere is actually decent… BUT THE FOOD is
Over the TOP ! …
Will Brown
a year ago
If you like craft beer, good pub food, and especially dog drool, this is the place to go. A Friday night outside at Jake’s is a four-legged event not to be missed. Tables are at just the right height for your Labs and Danes to easily …
Carlotte Sims
6 months ago
Very nice atmosphere. Everyone was very nice and pleasant. Great drinks and variety of music
Jessie Wilson
4 years ago
I was so impressed with this bar. The yard out back doesn’t get too crowded, and their beer selection is excellent. Highly recommended.
Win Morgan
4 years ago
Love the off leash back area. My 11 mo old blue heeler gets great socialization here with the other dogs.
Q Where is Jake's

Jake's is located at 2112 Devine St, Columbia, SC 29205

Q What is the phone number of Jake's

You can try dialing this number +1 803-708-4788

Q Where are the coordinates of Jake's

Latitude: 33.9987105 - Longitude: -81.0150058

Q Opening hours of the Jake's

The opening time of Jake's normal days is 4PM, on special days there will be an announcement.

Q (Dịch bởi Google) Con chó trong sân của bạn có thân thiện không? (Gốc) Is your patio dog friendly?

(Dịch bởi Google) Vâng, nó có loại cỏ đặc biệt này chỉ để làm cho nó thân thiện với chó.

Yes, it's got this special turf just to make it dog friendly.

Q (Dịch bởi Google) Bạn có thể đến với một bữa tiệc của mọi người nếu bạn 20 mua, đừng có kế hoạch uống rượu (Gốc) Can you come in with a party of people if you are 20 buy don't plan on drinking

(Dịch bởi Google) Tôi không nghĩ vậy. Họ thẻ ở cửa.

I don't think so. They card at the door.

Q (Dịch bởi Google) Các thực hành an toàn Covid như thế nào ở đây? (Gốc) What are the Covid safety practices like here?

(Dịch bởi Google) Họ rất tệ. Chúng tôi đã ở đó vào Chủ nhật và tôi đã rất ngạc nhiên về mức độ đông đúc của nó, cả trong nhà và ngoài trời (trời khá lạnh và tôi đã ở đó vào Chủ nhật trước đại dịch, nơi không có nhiều người). Ngày nay, chúng tôi thường chỉ đến các không gian ngoài trời từ những địa điểm bán đồ ăn uống trong nhà, nhưng mọi người đã chật cứng tại quầy bar mà không đeo khẩu trang, kể cả nhân viên. Quán bar ngoài trời không mở cửa, điều này luôn khiến tôi khó chịu ngay cả trước khi xảy ra đại dịch. Đừng đi nếu bạn lo lắng về nó.

They are bad. We were there Sunday and I was surprised how crowded it was, indoor and out (it was pretty chilly, and I have been there on Sundays pre pandemic where there wasn't many people). We generally only go to outdoor spaces these days from indoor food drink places, but people were packed at the bar not wearing masks, including employees. The outdoor bar wasn't open, which is always frustrating to me even pre pandemic. Do not go if you're worried about it.

Q (Dịch bởi Google) Tôi đánh giá cao nếu bạn ngủ quên cho tôi biết cơ sở của Jake như thế nào liệu có đáng để xem trận bóng đá hay không. (Gốc) I appreciate if you fell asleep tell me how Jake's establishment is whether it's worth going possibly watching football game do they even have TVs watch football games and when's the best days to go?

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