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Salty Nut Cafe 2000 Greene St A, Columbia, SC 29205 – bar-grill all reviews, opening hours, photos, price list 319 reviews positive customer reviews. We are bristolhousebnb.com help you get more useful information. If you need us to answer any questions, please let us know. -here-! The author is a local knowledgeable about Restaurants Columbia so will help you with the most accurate information. Salty Nut Cafe is open from 11AM until 1AM.Salty Nut Cafe latitude: 33.9995472 – Longitude: -81.0183984

Business hours Salty Nut Cafe:
Wednesday: 11AM–1AM
Thursday: 11AM–1AM
Friday: 11AM–1AM
Saturday: 11AM–1AM
Sunday: 11AM–1AM
Monday: 11AM–1AMHours might differ
Tuesday: 11AM–1AM

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Service Options:

  • Outdoor seating
  • Takeaway
  • Dine-in
  • Fast service
  • Quiz night
  • Sport
  • Lunch
  • Dinner
  • Solo dining
  • Wheelchair-accessible car park
  • Wheelchair-accessible entrance
  • Wheelchair-accessible seating
  • Wheelchair-accessible toilet
  • Alcohol
  • Beer
  • Cocktails
  • Coffee
  • Comfort food
  • Food
  • Food at bar
  • Happy-hour drinks
  • Late-night food
  • Quick bite
  • Spirits
  • Wine
  • Brunch
  • Lunch
  • Dinner
  • Seating
  • Bar on site
  • Dogs allowed
  • Good for kids
  • High chairs
  • Toilets
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Casual
  • Cosy
  • Family friendly
  • Groups
  • Tourists
  • University students
  • Debit cards
  • Credit cards


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Mark Grondahl
6 months ago
Loved this bar. Have to say, we chose to go here because of the appearance and the free parking. There is a back deck, the side deck and a front deck. We went inside and sat at the back bar. Now, I love a good bar and this place I loved. …
David Morningstar
6 months ago
Great atmosphere for a college town! Burgers are good and the server was great as well.
David Edwards
6 years ago
This place is not upscale or quiet at all–it’s a college bar and grill–but they always have good food. Service varies, but isn’t bad, usually. Their chicken tenders are huge, delicious, and come out painfully hot–watch your fingers. The …
D. Smith
3 years ago
Nice spot in 5 points for lunch. I love their choice in music, old school R&B, Soul and Classic Rock. The tater tots with cheese is a must try item. The lemon pepper wings were well seaaoned and fried hard. The cajun chicken salad my co-worker had looked great and she assured me it tasted just as great.
Jennifer Jenks
6 months ago
Best chicken tenders, and a large portion.. I got the 3 tender plate but had way more than 3 and they were good! Also great pimento cheese fries!
Michael Andersen
10 months ago
Very comfortable college town / sports bar atmosphere with inside and outside spaces where we found a friendly and attentive staff and a nice crowd of customers during our visit. Good selection of beers and drinks and the food was great…. …
Brenda Jo Morris
3 years ago
Small hard to notice Bar & Resturant
May park in back of place. Has indoor and outdoor decks to accomidate 1 to
40 people. Of course call if there are more than 6 in your party. Family friendly. Great Burgers !!#
Joe “Tabasco Joe”
a year ago
Came for the name, stayed for the food. Low and behold, when you sit down, they give you some salty nuts. Don’t tell the waitress though, it seems that they’re already aware. Really cool little college dive bar with good food. I got a spicy …
eric heydenreich
a month ago
Absolutely LOVE Landshark Friyays. Would love to know a time though…
3 months ago
Service is great. Tiger is a great bar back. Really happy with the service.
Lindy Wallace
a year ago
I had been wanting to go to Salty Dog for ages. Yesterday, after running errands, I decided to go and I am so glad I did. It’s a nice, comfortable little place, staff wore masks and they practice social distancing. I ordered the party melt …
thomas toomer
2 months ago
They will love you every single time you visit.
Steve Ort
6 months ago
Fun place to grab a drink and some food. Food is good cant go wrong with a trip to the salty nut
Uriel Caulfield
2 years ago
It seems as if some reviewers had a bad experience here, thankfully I had a good one. Since I know this as an occasional bar hopping spot I never tried the food. I got the chance last night and was not disappointed. Everything we ordered …
M.M. Yvonne Snow
7 months ago
Yummmm… Just so good, everything from the burgers to the buffalo wraps to the meatball sub to the drinks.. Yess!! & Enjoy throwing your peanut shells on the floor
Stephanie Windhaus
4 years ago
Was visiting from FL, and stumbled across this place. So decided to give it a go. The Host was so Kind, and so was my waitress. Their smiles were warming. Made me feel very welcomed. Their food is on point. Loved it! I had the chicken wrap, …
Hunter Horne
3 years ago
Very nice bar/cafe. They have lots of booths and oversized ones also. You can see the years of memories on the walls from past customers. Food arrived after about 20 minutes and was everything I expected. I had the chicken parmesean …
Anthony Adams
2 years ago
Awesome staff. I’m new here they stayed after closing to just be hospitable. They had an awesome office trivia night which was so cool to see. I enjoyed it thoroughly. Great people great prices amazing bar! Ask for three hole punch jim � …
Josh F
3 years ago
I was here at lunch time around 1pm on a Tuesday. Friendly staff and food came out quite quickly. My chicken sandwich may have been the best I’ve ever had from a restaurant. Perfect combination on the sandwich and chicken was cooked literally perfectly. Would recommend to anyone.
Chris S Taylor
4 months ago
Was Crowded but Servers seem to know how to make the Service Fantastic � …
Francoise Crowell
3 years ago
This was my first time. I was a little panicked as we were in a dusty corner with dim light in the middle of the day (around 1:30pm). However, the servers were polite, the service time was decent considering we had a decent sized party. The …
Courtney Fitzpatrick
3 years ago
The food here is great. I’m obsessed with the Buffalo Chicken Dip, and the burgers are delicious. Service can be a little slow so watch out if you’re in a rush, but otherwise, they’re worth the extra time.
Christian Jones
6 years ago
Cool spot for a beer after work or on a Saturday afternoon. They have a large outdoor deck and the service is usually decent. Food is OK but there are definitely some better menus in 5 points.
Ellen Morton
7 years ago
I love going to Salty. There is cheap, good fried food (that’s all I could ever want). All the waiters and waitresses are nice, friendly people and are very helpful. It’s the go-to place for away football games and NFL games. If you want a …
Patrick Egleston
2 years ago
This is one of my favorite places to go eat, drink, and hang out while growing up in Columbia! Awesome place to watch a game, eat some grub, or just sit in the sun out on the deck and put back a few.
Lorin Edgerton
3 years ago
Any place with fried pickle chips is automatically a winner in my book. Give me a cold beer, fried pickles fresh out the oil, with ranch to dip them in, and I am a happy girl. My husband and I came here Memorial Day specifically for the …
Q Where is Salty Nut Cafe

Salty Nut Cafe is located at 2000 Greene St A, Columbia, SC 29205

Q What is the phone number of Salty Nut Cafe

You can try dialing this number +1 803-256-4611

Q Where are the coordinates of Salty Nut Cafe

Latitude: 33.9995472 - Longitude: -81.0183984

Q Opening hours of the Salty Nut Cafe

The opening time of Salty Nut Cafe normal days is 11AM, on special days there will be an announcement.

Q (Dịch bởi Google) Các thực hành an toàn Covid như thế nào ở đây? (Gốc) What are the Covid safety practices like here?

(Dịch bởi Google) Không tốt.

Not good.

Q (Dịch bởi Google) Địa điểm này có karake không? (Gốc) Does this place have karake?

(Dịch bởi Google) Không.


Q (Dịch bởi Google) Calamari trong thực đơn bữa tối? Nó có thực sự tốt không? Đồ gia dụng tốt nhất? (Gốc) Calamari on dinner menu? Is it really good? Best house items?

(Dịch bởi Google) Không có con bê nào mà tôi biết. Đó là một địa điểm bình thường thực sự tốt cho trẻ em đại học và người dân địa phương. Nó có bia ngon, bánh mì kẹp và bánh mì kẹp thịt tuyệt vời và một bầu không khí tuyệt vời. Tôi thường ăn bánh sandwich câu lạc bộ với khoai tây chiên nhà làm. Tôi luôn ngồi ngoài boong nếu trời không quá nóng. Tôi đã ăn ở đó suốt thời đại học và thỉnh thoảng vẫn ghé thăm.

No calamari that I know of. It's a really good casual spot for college kids and locals. It has good beer, great sandwiches and burgers and an awesome atmosphere. I usually have the club sandwich with house made chips. I always sit out on the deck if it's not too hot. I ate there all throughout college and still visit occasionally.

Q (Dịch bởi Google) bạn có giao hàng không (Gốc) Do you deliver

(Dịch bởi Google) Họ không. Bạn có thể muốn thử một trong những dịch vụ giao hàng tại nhà hàng như 256togo.

They don't. You may want to try one of the restaurant delivery services like 256togo.

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